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Gajeel looking for a cat because Natsu and Wendy have one.

I bet you settled on the first ugly merman who showed you his trident. Army lesbians xxx. Natsu positioned himself so that the tip of his member was rubbing against her own part. There was no indication that anything was there.

Gajeel now has Pantherlily in Earthland, and proceeds to hug him in complete and utter happiness. We finally find out the identity of the mascot of the Grand Magic Games: Kana and Levi left already.

Unlike most of her friends, she does not get very excited about fighting and is not quick to resort to violence as the solution. Natsu lucy naked. The smirk that Gray has on his face after he defeated Rufus and stole his hat is quite amusing. Natsu tells Lucy that he and Happy came to play with her, but Lucy does not pay too much attention and tells them that she is going to take a bath.

And it's not nearly as creepy when I do it! Natsu is very angered at this, and is worried but later is relieved when Lucy and Erza return.

The final page of the manga sees Natsu stand before Lucy in the buff, and his eight pack is on full display. Even after the battle is over, most men still look at her pervertedly. Happy then says that even if they do find the same book, he does not think that Lucy will forgive them, to which Natsu replies that he already knows that, but they still have to find the same book for Lucy's sake.

Lucy is a bit upset that Natsu didn't say anything that was interesting, but Natsu implies that he and Lucy will be together forever. However, things take a turn with Lucy sways to the side and passes out. Naked easter bunny girls. Natsu moved his mouth from mine to kiss down my neck, pausing to suck on my neck below my ear, a spot that he knows makes me go weak every time. When Makarov punches Jacob, he tells him if he wants to respect his elders then he should respect Mavis because she is the eldest.

He increased the pressure on her lips and started grinding again, and they both became more and more rough with each other as the seconds ticked by. She screamed like a girl! The Gray I know would be half-naked by now. However, Natsu separated from the group and Lucy and Happy are forced to look for him as they cannot complete the job without him.

The clothes make the man, old buddy! Right before the battle starts between Natsu and Gajeel vs. First, Levy tricks Juvia into joining them after saying Gray was nearby, with Juvia saying she would receive "divine punishment" for lying. As Erza's friends leave to try to learn more about the "outside world" before truly trying to live a new life, Lucy sees them off, together with the rest of the Fairy Tail members, by making some fireworks with her Celestial Spirit Magic.

Lucy watches as Natsu duels Zeref before he is overpowered due to not having Igneel's power to help him.

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Natsu then happily drags her to where the rest of Fairy Tail is and tells her that is it time to continue on their adventure, resulting in Lucy crying from happiness. Jenny mccarthy lesbian video. Eventually, Natsu manages to restrain her and restrict her movement. In the year X, Natsu is seen wearing a large, tattered, dark cloak with his trademark scarf.

Natsu has even gone as far as defending Laxus from being expelled, despite his attempt at taking over the guild. A jealous Erza rigs the game to be the master, and makes everyone do embarrassing things mostly involving more nudity. Erza and Gray comment on her pose, but Natsu's comment makes Lucy kick him in the face. Juvia taking a comment from Gray the wrong way and assuming Lucy is her rival in love.

Elfman, Macao and Wakaba arrive to subdue Gray and bring him back to Fairy Tail, while Daphne flies towards Magnolia in her fully powered Dragonoid, intending to destroy the city.

The treasure is apparently an album of some of the most embarrassing photos of Fairy Tail Members, and Makarov had it buried away ages ago. Erza tries to pull people into Marshmallow Hell As Natsu and Happy leave her to rest, they remember the day before. Facts, Logic, and Canon: Erza gets Gray and Natsu in drag for their visit to Mermaid Heel. Natsu lucy naked. Given what happens to Lucy on a regular basis, this has absolutely no effect on Natsu As if the random prime number milestone wasn't enough, take a close look at who show's up in the Imagine Spotsevery time she fantasizes about her wedding to Gray: Lucy once again smiles at him.

After returning to the guild, Lucy, Natsu and several other learn of E. Wife hot nude. He then asks her if she is more powerful being controlled by Kain's curse magic. Wow, I didn't know girls were so desperate these days. During their stay at the inn, Natsu starts a pillow fight between Gray, Erza, and himself. Natsu immediately rushes ahead with Happy to defeat Erigor.

As they escape from Acnologia in the Christina, sudden maneuvers make Erza land on top of Jellaltheir faces inches away from one another. She is shocked when a tearful Happy lets it slip that if Zeref were to be defeated then Natsu will die along with him, while questioning the meaning.

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One day, Natsu found an egg in the forest east of Magnolia. Prepared to say no, Lucy reveals she actually trains herself secretly, but before they could engage themselves to a fight, Natsu sensed something. Then after the guild members are assigned to protect council members, and Lucy, Natsu And Wendy are beat by Jackal, Natsu frees Lucy from the magic circle. Hottest girl ever blowjob. Gajeel singing a ballad.

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