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No source and only google result is a Reddit post from today asking if it's a fake.

Re-saving an image uploaded to social media will often provide you with a lower quality image, so please use an alternative file sharing website when sharing raw material. Lesbian huge booty. We advise uploading this to something such as dropbox to avoid compression. True face of the Tory party. Quote is "Curbing the promotion of lesbianism in Merton's schools starts with girls having male role models in their lives" She was on the Merton council from and I'm told the quote may have been published in the Wimbledon Guardian, but their online archive only goes back to How can God contradict himself by saying in the Book of Genesis that Adam should be given a wife, Eve, and then also create homosexuals?

Is there any reason to believe that her faith - a bizarre kind of Christianity that apparently allows her to sleep at night, despite the 30, extra deaths brought about by her cuts to health and social care - would be left out of her decision making on LGBT issues?

His defence of the anti-gay law continued: According to a reporter in Africa, "Africans see homosexuality as being both un-African and un-Christian". Theresa may lesbianism. What do you do with the really abnormal people? In response to the Anglican Church of Canada's intervention, Bishop Joseph Abura of the Karamoja Diocese wrote an editorial saying, "Ugandan Parliament, the watch dog of our laws, please go ahead and put the anti-Gay laws in place.

But we must do so in a manner consistent with our common value of equality, a value that is clearly stated in the Commonwealth charter. David Cameron was criticised in when he told Commonwealth leaders at a meeting in Australia that UK foreign aid should become conditional on their decriminalisation of homosexuality. Australia's government reiterated its opposition to the criminalisation of homosexuality in the Sydney Morning Herald.

The motto not your personal army applies. How can you 'pass' law without the quorum of Parliament after it has been pointed out? The Gambia, Mauritania and Sudan, for instance, have death sentences. Existing laws criminalise homosexual behavior with prison sentences lasting up to 14 years.

The bill was listed as number eight under "Business to Follow" for She has a pretty terrible record on equal rights, but I loathe misinformation whether it's against me or in my favour.

Nigerian queer women are taking steps away from the shadows too as their queer stories are going public. Hot japanese lesbian girls. France condemns Uganda's proposed anti-gay lawPink News.

Retrieved 14 August In Sokoto State, a person who commits the offence of sodomy shall be punished: Just ask Alan Turing I pray that this, and the predictions, are true.

Information in US embassy cables revealed that Ugandan human rights activists and anti-homosexuality bill supporters vocally mocked him during his presentation. Some gay rights advocates have claimed that aroundpeople in Uganda or 1.

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Archived from the original on 27 October No response from anywhere yet but it is a sunday and didn't find much of use when trawling the internet, gonna see what happens in the morning.

It has also been common practice for the mushrooming pastors and churches to use homophobic attacks on opponents as a way to discredit each other and sway faithfuls. By way of a government bill which became the Identity Documents Actshe brought about the abolition of the Labour government's National Identity Card and database scheme [33] [34] and reformed the regulations on the retention of DNA samples for suspects and controls on the use of CCTV cameras.

Assumed office 1 May Homosexuals are at least 12 times more likely to molest children than heterosexuals; homosexual teachers are at least 7 times more likely to molest a pupil; homosexual teachers are estimated to have committed at least 25 percent of pupil molestation; 40 percent of molestation assaults were made by those who engage in homosexuality. Tumblr nude milf videos. On 20 July, May attended her first Prime Minister's Questions since taking office, then afterwards made her first overseas trip as prime ministervisiting Berlin for talks with German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Archived from the original on 21 January May proposed a less punitive, community-based approach to tackling social disorder. Retrieved on 12 January Among other things, the Act also criminalizes a person who "aids, abets, counsels, or procures another to engage in an act of homosexuality" and provides a possible penalty of seven years imprisonment. A profile of UK's new prime minister". Chancellor of the Exchequer Philip Hammond.

They Work For You. Archived from the original on 28 July Statistics showed "significant increases in migration among both non-EU citizens—up 49, to ,—and EU citizens, which rose by 43, toA person who "purports to contract a marriage with another person of the same sex" would commit the "offence of homosexuality" and could be imprisoned for life.

Retrieved 15 January Vallance 12 July This is, again, something we had advised to shelve until we had studied it in depth. It is then that we become truly accountable to our young and to this country, not to Canada or England.

After Professor Nutt was sacked for his eminently sensible report on drug abuse, harm and law, he accused May of ommitting vital evidence from the published report.

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May was diagnosed with diabetes mellitus of type 1 in November UN's human rights chief urges Uganda to scrap anti-gay legislationThe Guardian. Want to add to the discussion? Archived from the original on 2 February Link to Labour Party Information on our Wiki. Burma sexy girl. Theresa may lesbianism. Word unionist 'very important to me ' ". Good to see the people being responsible.

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