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Add the trucker hat and you have a the sterotypical dyke look. Hot black milf fucked hard. The thing she was doing was Jorja lol. She's leaving 'CSI ' ". You know what also turns me on? In the past few months there have been more paparazzi shots of Jorja than during the rest of her career combined. Jorja fox lesbian. May they be filled with considerably fewer flesh-eating maggots and gaping head wounds.

I assumed that when Jorja mentioned thinking about having a child before she got too old that she meant before she gets too old to carry a child. Jan 23 After attending Melbourne High School [6] for two years, she began a modeling career after winning a local contest. Why is it different this time?

There is a German lesbian gossip message board that takes info on Datalounge on a regular basis, and especially gossip here realated to Jorja Fox. During the time of her breakup he was in danger of losing his job due to some on set highjinks.

I don't think so Not that any of this has anything to do with "who jorja fox is dating now" And anyone with an agenda is not going to tell an unbiased tale. Nude african girls fucking. Also, where has Jorja confirmed she is in a relationship? Guest Dec 6 I can see why she is so private about her life. Foster, who is kind, gorgeous, multi-talented and quite fit to be sure, has better things to do than read or respond to any of this sour speculation about her private life.

Dec 3 I thought that bearded clam thing was kinda funny, yeah kinda lame, but still funny. Why would she risk being outed with Lelah, when she was so careful not to get photographed with Suzanne Mara during CSIs early years? Fox, and Lelah Foster, whose credits at IMDB include the lesbian indie, "Firepussy" and the lesbian short "The Ten Rules", which by the way starred Jorja's longtime ex partner, Suzanne Mara and are joined at the hip, it could be indicative of a relationship. Much prefered his awkward, dorky days.

She actually looks good! If she had another gf, she wouldn't need to drag Lelah everywhere with her. R21 what were the reasons Gary all most was fired?

Dec 17 They said that when someone brought up William Petersen, Jorja said, "Oh, you mean my fiance? Seems fairly obvious to me that Jorja like to "pull strings" to keep her gals working and taken care of or she really just can't stay away from them for too long!

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No need to get worked up Then go back to being friends again. What "dyke on the scene" has alleged doesn't ring true to me at all. High class escorts in melbourne. I think she will never answer that question with a yes, and that has to do with her personality, i guess.

Is the part about the lesbian yacht parties actually true? Yes it is the same loony Jorja stalker who uses the same username on just about every CSI site there is.

But you know what, they don't give a FUCK what you think! Has anyone actually confirmed that Lelah is expecting? I'm a straight woman and don't give a shit that Fox likes pussy. She has a long, skinny, ugly face and stringy hair. We saw Jorja Fox again at Brite Spot! Lelah in "Ten Rules" - Lelah is the brunette without glasses that Michelle first sees when she arrives at the party.

For example, at the end of 8x Only time will tell. Jorja fox lesbian. After Suzanne Mara, and Sami Reed, and whatever the heck it was she did with Gary Dourdan maybe she was curious, maybe he really DOES stick his penis to any vagina within a mile radius!

Great, she posted her phone number. To me, it's all about starting over even though you didn't plan to or want to. Archived October 16,at the Wayback Machine. Lesbians having romantic sex. I also think she sometimes, in some episodes, looks good on CSI.

But it could've been worse. I'm not one of the dilluted fans who claim bisexuality or otherwise. I thought websites were there to be looked at at!!! Do I have to date women?

There was a yes from someone and a couple of others that say no. In what way is she one of your mentors? Add dyslexia to your list of neuroses you self-loathing cunt! I don't understand the people who want everyone to announce their gaydom publically and be some sort of advocate for gay rights.

I wouldnt count on that r And being in a relationship with one Jorja Fox is bound to make her become a little more interesting on certain forums.

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